Why Storytelling?

B2C and B2B marketers continue to shift budget dollars from traditional forms of advertising and marketing to content marketing. They know that stories about authentic human experiences are much more effective than canned marketing messages or some generic, “off the shelf” content. That’s why we’re such believers in real storytelling.

Strategic storytelling is a process.
Our process is focused on you.

We start with a clean slate and build a totally custom platform using our flexible, client-centered process.
We’re efficient, responsive and respectful of your time, keeping things moving seamlessly forward.


Who do we need to reach? What do we need to share with them? How do we want them to feel? Who will our editorial contributors be? Here’s where we establish the best way to give your communities a 360-degree understanding of your organization.


Immerse the reader in your experience. Inspired writing, striking visuals and original photography all come into play to make your stories more engaging.


Choose the right distribution channels to reach different communities in the most effective ways. Optimize value by repurposing storytelling assets across multiple platforms.


Examine results continuously and make adjustments where needed.

Get the Conversation Started.

Create genuine, compelling, original content to share the stories behind your brand or your nonprofit's mission.

An original content platform allows you to better articulate your messages and engage more effectively with all of your communities – customers, patrons, patients, physicians, donors, volunteers, charitable advisors and others. Through the use of proven-effective editorial techniques, we can bring out the facts and emotions behind your brand’s promise. For example, your people, and the people you work with, define your brand. Allow your communities to get to know them in a forum and framework that makes them memorable.

B2C Marketers’ Use Of Content Marketing Is Up Again

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s report, B2C Content Marketing: 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America, B2C marketers are putting more budget toward content marketing. In 2016, they allocated 32% of their total marketing budget, on average, to content marketing (vs. 25% the previous year).

Your Stories Are Original, So Tell Them With Original Photography.

The visual aspect of storytelling is an essential part of engagement. A good story can be muted by “plain vanilla” design and over-use of stock photography. That’s why we use an abundance of original photography and grant extended licenses so our clients can use the images we shoot in other marketing executions.
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